Creating A Blog: it shouldn’t be this difficult!

This blog has been two years in the thinking. Two years! What was holding me back? Self-doubt, creating a blog name, and life.

Let’s begin with self-doubt since many people can relate. I’ve doubted myself in everything my entire life. Afraid of being yelled at if I made a mistake, “no news is good news” was pretty much my motto, still is. I’m neither an eloquent speaker nor a writer. I’m terrified of public speaking and dread the idea of sharing anything other than free verse poetry. One could consider me a prolific Instagrammer, even more so as a Pinterester. Snapping photographs and posting them on Instagram can be done in a flash, without as much thought as it would take for me to sit down and compose my ideas. And Pinterest, all you do is like and pin posts, voila! Easy peasy! This blog will be a tool to challenge myself and practice/improve my writing ability while tapping into my creative skills.

On to the whole name dilemma. Perhaps I should call it “paralysis by analysis”. There are so many existing blogs with amazingly creative and catchy names. So of course I thought that mine just had to be the same. I even created a group chat asking a select group of friends to help with brainstorming, that was close to two years ago. All this effort to create a name for a personal blog. BUT the name is important! So I’ve read in some article posted online. There’s a wealth of opinions about “The Perfect Blog Post”, “Blog Post Ideas”, “how-to write your first blog”, “how to make your blog sizzle with personality”, blog checklists, I could go on FOREVER…Talk about anxiety! I’m already an easily anxious person, I’m pretty good at hiding it most of the time. Now why would I want to add this extra stress to my life, especially when I’m already a terrible writer?

So I recently mentioned that I was still interested in creating a blog and needed help choosing a name. A close friend asked me what I wanted the blog to reflect. Should I base it on traveling, living and working abroad, a yogini’s life? Why should my blog tell just one story when that’s not who I am? I’m not defined by just one role, or by any role at all if you want to delve deeper into the subject. Since I am constantly evolving, why not write about everything? This includes traveling, living and working abroad, a yogini’s life, a non-yogini’s life, ups and downs, everything plus the kitchen sink. Gina Lynn Anderson will best represent this blog. It may not be catchy, but it’s me. Yes, the site will probably be edited along the way, just like me.

Finally, let’s briefly talk about how life got in the way. Two years ago I returned “home” (just outside of Atlanta, GA) to stay at my dad’s house after teaching English in Seoul (South Korea) for three years, then traveling for close to seven months. During those seven months I traveled to: the Philippines, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Istanbul (overnight layover), Buenos Aires, Peru, Germany, Prague, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, NYC, and Key West. It was quite the adventure. That just might be another post. After that adventure, I was unemployed with an abundance of free time and no plan. The search for a job in and around Atlanta began. Shortly after I began the search, I decided that I wasn’t ready. So I returned to teaching English at a kindergarten in Seoul. I readjusted to being back in South Korea, reconnected with friends, made new friends, developed new hobbies, found a boyfriend,and became engrossed in the day-to-day routine with most of the fun and shenanigans occurring on the weekends. Since my return to Seoul, I’ve traveled to Taiwan, Fukuoka (Japan), Jeju Island (S. Korea), and visited my boyfriend in Las Vegas and explored part of the Grand Canyon. It’s easy to lose track of time.

So there ya go. And now I’ve finally decided to take the plunge with this blog and “throw caution to the wind”. Forget about all the blog advice articles, at least for this post!


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